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    First Friday is the title of my DJ Livestream. Where do I host this event? I broadcast the stream on DLive once a month. Why First Friday? First Friday is a tradition that I learned in Las Vegas. Every First Friday of the month, the Las Vegas Arts District gathers in about a one block radius to show their arts to the attendees. I chose this date to carry on the tradition and to honor the first time that I ever gigged as a DJ, which happened to be in the heart of the Arts District.

    Discover the Vibrant Las Vegas Arts District

    First Friday is an engaging monthly festival that encapsulates the true essence of artistic expression. Taking place in the heart of the Las Vegas Arts District, this event serves as a platform for local artists to showcase their talent, fostering a nurturing environment for artistic growth and appreciation. I invite you and your art-loving community to immerse yourselves in the captivating ambiance of the Las Vegas Arts District during the upcoming First Friday festival that happens on every first Friday of the month in the Arts District of Downtown Las Vegas.

    During this vibrant affair, the streets are transformed into an open-air gallery, filled with a kaleidoscope of breathtaking artwork, captivating performances, and culinary delights. With a diverse range of galleries, studios, and pop-up exhibitions to explore, First Friday endeavors to ignite the imaginations of visitors with its eclectic mix of visual arts, live music, and street performances. They host Las Vegas Local Musicians, Artists, Performers, Painters and much more for every event once a month. You can discover brand new talent and more at these events, and they are always a lot of fun to attend.

    In addition to the awe-inspiring artwork ad performances, First Friday also provides an opportunity to engage with talented artisans and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for creativity. Whether you are a seasoned art collector or someone who simply revels in the visual feast of artistic endeavors, this event offers something for everyone.

    At these events, their mission is to support local arts and culture, and to create platforms for emerging artists, support community connection, and bring artistic experiences to the community through their outreach programs. Their First Friday Foundation works with community-minded organizations across the Las Vegas valley including schools, youth groups, senior centers, ethnic and faith-based organizations, and other non-profits. If you live Vegas or plan to visit, I encourage you to attend one of these events and get to know some of your fellow community members.

    About My Own First Friday DJ Livestream Events

    My First Friday DJ Livestreams carry on this tradition of celebrating the arts and I am thrilled to share this colorful event with individuals who cherish the resplendence of creativity. With that in mind, I believe that attending my First Friday DJ Livestreams will be an enriching experience for both you and your friends to check out.

    Why I Choose To Carry On The Tradition

    I am a Southerner, and I did grow up in the South. But, when I was 20, I moved to Vegas and have lived in Las Vegas for 11+ years collectively. Those who were Vegas Born do and always will consider me a Las Vegas Local, because of everything I have continued to do for the Las Vegas Local community. While living in Las Vegas, I learned a lot about many different types of cultures in the area and have their community to thank for so many amazing experiences during my stay. I am forever grateful for everything that the community has taught me about life, love, and the arts!

    Learn More About My First Friday DJ Livestream

    We are actively building a team of Livestream DJs and are always looking for more talent to join the First Friday DJ Livestream events roster. This is something that you can do from the comfort of your own home or livestream studio. Are you already a performing DJ, but you need to know how to build your own livestream studio? Then check out the livestream tutorials on this page to get started on building your own Livestream Studio! If you would like to be a featured Livestream DJ that performs with us every First Friday, then get in touch with DJ PVMA using the contact info on our About Page to let us know that you are interested in joining our team!