DJ PVMA Influences promo photo showing a neon panther popping out of the monitor of a DJ set


    DJ PVMA draws inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences, weaving together a unique and captivating sound that resonates with audiences worldwide. Rooted in electronic music, DJ PVMA's sonic palette incorporates elements of progressive house, trance, and deep techno, seamlessly blending infectious beats, melodic hooks, and atmospheric textures. With a nod to the mainstream legendary pioneers, DJ PVMA delves deep into their discographies, allowing their trailblazing creativity to shape and inform his own signature style.

    DJ PVMA often attended some of the best dance parties in Colorado Springs when he was about 18 years old, and that's where he first learned of many of the classic rave tracks that you might hear him spin today. It wasn't much longer after that, and he found himself living in Las Vegas, carrying on his tradition of attending dance parties and raves, and this earmarked the time where PVMA started finding even more talented DJs to immerse himself into the experience of. Fast forward a bit and arrive to the year 2008, when he was now working in a hookah bar named Almaza Ultra Lounge in the Silverado Ranch area of Las Vegas, and that's when and where he actually met and learned from some of the best DJs he's ever known.

    Meeting these DJs and spending time with them added an extremely distinctive and captivating edge to his music that he couldn't have picked up anywhere else. At Almaza, Thursday nights were latin DJ nights, and that's how he met DJ De La O, who brought all of the hottest latin dj mixes for everyone to just lose themselves in every week. Thursdays were always some of the most intense dance mixes due to De La O's knowledge in all the right tracks to play. Because of his powerful mixes, he would have everyone going crazy on the dance floor any time he would get behind the turntables, and this was something that PVMA picked up on as an influence that he would later find himself emulating through his own performances.

    Fridays at Almaza Ultra Lounge were where DJ Fuzion had the opportunity to impact DJ PVMA's style. Watching DJ Fuzion behind his DJ rig was one of PVMA's most favorite memories at Almaza. He had never seen an electronic DJ before, and Fuzion's setup was incredible. Seeing this for the first time was mezmerizing for PVMA, because here was this DJ who was so well put together that he really stood out from the others. His mixes were incredible, and Fuzion wasn't a DJ that was afraid to really express himself on a set of turntables. Fuzion knew what he was doing when it came to lighting up a dance floor with the best cherry picked tracks he could find. Together, DJ De La O and DJ Fuzion both had the attention of DJ PVMA every single week while he was busy working in the club, and that's how he developed an ear for what type of DJ set that he wanted to produce for his own performances.

    PVMA also draws from established EDM icons like Dave Guetta, Avicii and Calvin Harris, with Calvin being the only one of the three that he's actually seen perform live in person, which was at the MGM Grand during the MAGIC clothing convention in Las Vegas in 2015. The dynamic sounds of producers like Timbaland, Trent Reznor, Jermaine Dupri and Lil Jon, and the Latin flavors of artists such as Daddy Yankee and Pitbull inspired PVMA to bring the most driving energy that he possibly can to each and every one of his live sessions. DJ PVMA takes a fresh and innovative approach to every set with each of these predecessors in mind. Whether it's an intimate club gathering, DJ livestream or a massive festival stage, DJ PVMA's influences always shine through, creating an exhilarating and unforgettable experience for all. Prepare to be transported into a world of sonic exploration, where the fusion of genres knows no bounds with DJ PVMA at the helm.

    Even more recently, PVMA has found inspiration in Livestream DJs like DJ Fibretek, PSYMILL, BLK DRVGON and countless others that have come before him. If it weren't for these DJs, PVMA would not be where he is today in the Livestreaming DJ world. It was through Final Fantasy XIV house parties that he found out about some of these DJs, and seeing them take Twitch and the online gaming party world by storm is what motivated PVMA to start taking his DJ career seriously, as he saw the power behind livestreaming his performances for the world to see. The experience of DJing in the club is short lived, while you could livestream your performances instead and publish the replays for everyone to see at their own convenience without the need to ever set foot into a club.

    PVMA makes it a point to pay his respects to the performers that helped inspire and influence him to be the best that he can be at what he does. It is with great honor that DJ PVMA learned how to perfect his technique from each of these performers, and he wishes them nothing but the best in their careers. But, it always comes to a point to where the focused student becomes the master and excels his predecessors effortlessly with great triumph and exceptional grace. But, it is always important to never forget where you came from when you were just getting started, and that is something that helps to keep the ever-developing master humble when they are out in the field and have accomplished what they could only dream was possible before they ever thought to get started on their own path to success.